Baby It’s Cold Inside


Thank you Brian Lehrer for tackling the debilitating problem that is the freezing cold summer office.

When I worked for The Food Start-Up – two men, one woman (me) locked in a Dumbo office – during the summer I would go from hot sweaty mess outside to shivering snif-sniffer inside because the AC was cranked down to Arctic temperatures. My cardigan hung permanently from my chair, ready to slip on as soon as I got to work, when it was easily 90 out. The poor female interns suffered along with me, wrapping themselves in scarves and sweaters, while the guys were perfectly comfortable. Damn that male body temperature.

When the AC started to leak, a technician was called in to fix it and happened to mention it was set to a finger-numbing 64 degrees (17C). Funny, I’ll never complain about it being too hot, but that was definitely the summer of my discontent.

The Brian Lehrer Show: Is It Just Me or Is It Freezing in Here?

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