New York is Obsessed with Avocado Toast

Riverpark's avocado toast

Riverpark’s perfect avocado toast

It’s not until you see avocado toast on every other menu in New York does it hit you that avocado toast is actually a Sydney (Australian?) thing. Specifically, a cafe brunch staple – occasionally served with a poached egg on top – by a cheerfully sunny waiter. Flat white on the side, essential.

Of course, New York has had to make it its own, sometimes sprinkling pepper flakes on top (see: Cafe Gitane) or pepitas (see: Little Collins). Sorry to say but they are an unnecessary flourish, because all avocado needs is a generous sprinkling of salt and maybe a little black pepper.

NYC’s best avocado toast:

  • Riverpark – simply perfect avocado toast: grilled bread, smashed avocado, olive oil and salt. 450 E 29th St.
  • Jack’s Wife Freda – posh avocado toast with a dollop of tomato jam and za’atar (which always tastes dusty to me?). 224 Lafayette St.
  • The Butcher’s Daughter – skip the 10 buck smoothies and opt for their lick-the-plate clean avocado toast. 19 Kenmare St.

Well + Good profiles their favorite spots for avocado toast.

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