Best Australian Restaurants in NYC: Flinders Lane


Laksa might be a Malaysian dish, but it runs through the veins of most Australians I know.

Creamy, spicy, crunchy, herbaceous, laksa is both comforting and indulgent, and when you get the craving for laksa, nothing else will do. Nothing.

Laksa is virtually non-existent in New York City (let’s not mention that unfortunate laksa ordered en masse in a popular South-East Asian restaurant in the West Village one Australia Day and the disappointment that followed). So when I read about a new-ish Australian restaurant in the East Village serving laksa, it had to be checked out immediately.

Flinders Lane is a gorgeous, airy restaurant near Tompkins Square Park featuring a menu dotted with nostalgic antipodean classics – oysters Kilpatrick, chicken san choi bau – but it feels thoroughly New York (apart from every other accent being Aussie).

Warren, the man behind the bar (and the only non-Australian on the team), has to be one of the loveliest mixologists in town – mixing a perfect drink while making you feel really welcome.

But first, the sausage rolls. Two fat logs of sausage meat enrobed in golden puff pastry, served with mayo and HP sauce. It made me miss my beloved Bourke Street Bakery, home of the world’s best sausage rolls, a little less.


And the laksa? Aromatic and silky with two huge grilled shrimp and plenty of herbs, it definitely hit the spot. I’d take mine with more spice but I can imagine this will become my go-to spot come winter when laksa is the perfect meal to warm you from inside out.

Flinders Lane, 162 Ave A, b/w 10th and 11th Sts.

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