5 Best Non-Typical Breakfasts in NYC


Rise and shine. It’s sometime before 11am and hunger strikes, but you can’t fathom bacon and eggs and that mountain of home fries that comes with anything brunch-y*. OK, you could do eggs, but you want something more ambitious, or ambiguous, than your typical breakfast. Here’s where to go and what to order.

Dimes Breakfast Tacos
This ray of Californian sunshine amidst Chinatown’s greasy (yet delicious; essential) five-dumplings-for-a-buck joints is perpetually packed with Manhattan hipsters seeking nutrition beyond a $10 Liquiteria juice. The all-day breakfast menu is packed with superfoods but the breakfast tacos are on the right side of righteous with scrambled eggs folded into soft tortillas along with peach tomato salsa, corn, avocado and cheddar. 143 Division St, near Canal St.


Lafayette Grand Cafe’s Pastry du Jour
Andrew Carmellini’s Cannes-esque cafe inside Lafayette is one of NYC’s best French bakeries. If you can steal yourself away from the eclairs and birthday cake macarons for breakfast, grab a latte and the pastry du jour. Hopefully it will be the pain du chocolat with banana and coconut, flaky and golden and tropical all in one. 380 Lafayette St.


Nine Chains Savory Oatmeal
Not only is Nine Chains’ savory oatmeal incredibly delicious and (I’m guessing) healthy, it’s a steal at only $5 for a huge umami-packed bowl. Think of it as a comforting risotto made with chewy steal-cut oats, bacon, butternut squash, jalapeño and sous vide egg. I eat it at least weekly. 1111 Church Ave, Brooklyn.

Baz Bagel Latkes and Poached Eggs
Yes, the bagels here are pretty perfect, and they have adorably-named sandwiches of which you should order the Rainbow Kitty (gravlax, cream cheese, tomato on a pumpernickel bagel) but if you can resist the beckoning of the bagel, order the Eggs a la Baz, golden latkes with poached eggs and nova. And wash it down with sangria instead of a mimosa or bloody Mary, because, why not? 181 Grand St, near Mulberry St.


Dough Doughnut and Coffee
Doughnuts and coffee make a really cute couple, and therefore make a really good breakfast. You kind of hate yourself afterwards, but it’s also a pretty awesome way to start the day. Look at you – you’re just like a cop! Find yourself a Dough doughnut, pair it with a strong coffee, and take on the world! Or go back to bed. 448 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn.

* Does anyone really like home fries?

2 thoughts on “5 Best Non-Typical Breakfasts in NYC

    • Home fries are more like large cubes, pan-fried or roasted, supposed to be crispy but never are, and the problem is you get so many that all you want to do is have a nap afterwards. They totally drain you of energy. Give me a crispy hash brown any day.


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