NYC’s Best Fried Chicken: Root & Bone


Ryan Sutton agrees with me: NYC’s best fried chicken is happening now at Root & Bone.

I called it as soon as they opened in July, and have been back every other week to make sure that chicken is still as delectable as it was on day one. And to try the rest of the menu.

But first, that chicken.

The sweet tea-brined chicken is succulent on the inside, thin-crispy on the outside, with a sprinkling of angelic lemon dust. Unlike a lot of otherwise great fried chicken in this city, Root & Bone’s fried chicken is always perfectly seasoned – it’s really finger lickin’ good.


There are so many other delicious options on the menu that you should come with friends so you can try the chicken and at least a few other dishes. The cornbread hits that sweet spot between light and dense, scattered with thyme and salt, and served with whipped buttermilk cream and preserves.

The cute round mini waffles are a must, made with a little buckwheat flour for nuttiness and topped with melted cheddar. They come with a jug of whiskey maple syrup but the waffles are so more-ish on their own you may not even need it.


The peach caprese shouldn’t work for any caprese purists but it’s actually one of the city’s best salads: lightly pickled green tomatoes with fresh heirloom tomatoes, grilled peaches, basil and a fried pimento cheese ball. Summer on a plate, southern-style.

For sides, the trio of corn is fun, with corn on the cob, popcorn and crispy Peruvian corn, and the waffle-cut fries come with an addictive remoulade sauce.

The staff at Root & Bone are delightful and the cocktails – like the Grand Old Fashioned – spot on. Get there early, the restaurant fills up quick – or order your chicken and waffles to-go. Just order extra, it makes for fantastic cold fried chicken the next day, if it lasts that long.

Root & Bone, 200 E 3rd St, near Ave B.


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