Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015


To quote the Queen, this year has been, for the most part, an annus horribilis. Good riddance, goodbye, see you never.

But there is still enough in the pro column to balance the cons. Starting the year in my beautiful hometown with my beautiful family. Winter sun in Florida. A week in Costa Rica with my bestie – and ziplining! Falling in love with L.A. and getting windswept in S.F. A brief visit to Chicago. Eating and drinking, and eating some more, with great friends in Charleston. Truly wonderful visits from dad, mum and D, and Kath and M, made the distance bearable.

This is the year I went from not being able to run for the bus to running six miles. Meals, there’ve been a few. I can’t remember most of them. But my jean buttons do.

A life-changing movie, Boyhood, and two more – Calvary and Top Five – that made this an amazing year for a fragile art. Roy Choi’s L.A. Son, Grace Coddington’s memoir Grace and Pati Smith’s Just Kids stand out as three all-time great reads.

2014 ends on an optimistic note: a brilliant new job, and in a week, back to my beautiful hometown and my beautiful family. So grateful x

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